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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The great pattern hunt

We've had a full house lately. First my inlaws, now a very dear friend and her fiance. They are getting married the summer after this, so naturally she and I have been shopping. They want a western style wedding. (This seems odd to me, as both of them are from the east coast, but that's what they want.) They came to the right place to find accessories, though the local stores are about sold out after the rodeo. So, we have looked at cowboy hats and boots, and at least a thousand dress patterns, mostly online. It is nearly impossible to find something that is a) modest, b) short sleeved, c) western style. We found a bridesmaid dress that can be altered a little to make it look western. We're still looking for one for the bride.
We spent a lot of money on fake flowers, and we've put together all the corsages and boutineers already, we've still got the bouquets to do. I will be matron of honor, Beau will be ring bearer. It's a good thing he's got another year to grow up, first! The hat lady at the western store was surprised how big his head is already. We won't get his hat or boots until a couple months before the wedding anyway, but it was fun to see him try one on. He got to see the Dodge Nat'l Circuit Finals Rodeo when it was in town a couple weeks ago, but I don't know if he made the connection between the cowboys' hats and the cowboy hats in the store.
I love having friends and family visit, but I'm about to the point of wanting some peace, quiet, and bathroom time to myself! Beau's reading has been sadly neglected, and the ironing pile has gotten so big I think it's breeding! Hemi just dozed off, so it's off to bed for me. Tomorrow we're going to look at fabrics. My friends are only here two more days, so we have to get it done while we can.


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