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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Good News

Last night our landlords finally decided they wanted to keep renting this house. They really, really, really want to sell, and we would like to buy it, it's in a good location for us. But, there's a little financial gap between us and buying just now.
It's not a perfect location, but it's a reasonably good one, right downtown where it's easy to attract students, within walking distance of the library, the university, one grocery store, a book store, clothing stores, second hand and thrift stores, and so on. It's on the end of downtown closest to my parents, who live out in the country, which saves on gas. It's within walking distance of two of the places my husband is currently working at. (The third is for my parents.) We're one block from the bus station. On the downside, we're on a major road, there are a lot of apartments of the run-down sort in the area, and at least four listed sexual preditors convicted of crimes involving minors within a block of here. There is an association working on restoring the downtown area, houses and businesses both. They offer loans and some grants to homeowners for restoration projects.
Well, I am being distracted by a little boy with books, so far today we've read about rocks, the digestive system, movement, and owls, so I'd better go.


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