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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Interior decorating

One thing I've learned from moving . . . six times in as many years of marriage. We regularly shift furniture (at least every six months). When we do someday (hopefully) own our own home, built-ins are not for us. Except for a pantry and closets, that is. One learns a lot from renting a number of houses. Such as: I really, really like a formal dining room. A great room (such as we currently have) becomes chaos. I might be happiest in a 200 year old house with a proper parlour! (Unfortunately, combining my antique tastes with my husband's modern tastes is . . . difficult. I like heavy, ornate wood peices, he likes streamlined metal and plastic.)

As my husband's business has taken off it has become necessary for him to have an 'office' where he can work on computers without being invaded by little boys. The invaders are particularly hazardous to the business when he's at his regular job. So we've rearranged one room to accomedate this. Now I just need to find a babygate. The ladies at the local thrift store know I want one. (Ooh, geek topic: is there anything cooler than a customer who needs an MS-DOS computer for his business? Or getting to rebuild said computer?) The office, unfortunately, has to share with the bed my mother uses on her monthly visits, and the pantry and other food storage (the pantry in this rental is not big enough).

This amount of rearranging has left me with homeless sewing stuff. This is a big deal. Tripping-over-in-the-living-room big. (Because as anyone who sews knows, the amount of sewing projects quickly exceeds any and all storage containers puchased to contain them.) So naturally, all the other rooms need to be rearranged, right? Plus baby's crib (which he doesn't much use yet) is over a heater vent, not a problem in the summer but now it's winter, it's not a good location. So our room has to be done.

The landlord is done with the vast majority of the interior affecting construction stuff. There is still roofing to be put on, and the mudroom is nothing but framing and pressboard, no interior wall yet, no doors either, but the windows are done. So now we can move most things around without regard for construction.

Our greenhouse is still hanging on, it's gotten down to about 22 in town so far. Still very few ripe tomatos, though plenty of green. It is probably just too chilly for them to ripen, we may have to pick them and ripen them indoors.


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