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Friday, September 02, 2005

Evacuation Scenarios

Okay, I asked a bit about this over at Nate's place.
Our previous emergency evacuation plan has been: grab the bags with changes of clothes in them and head on out to my folks. They've got a nice house on a creek, with fishing, hunting, big garden, and a habit of storing lots of food. Especially in a breakdown of law and order, the hunting would be great. The deer, elk, and moose seem to regard my folks' garden as their private gormet restaurant.
If we didn't have to evacuate, we could just sit tight here for quite a while. We had a time this summer where we could barely afford milk for the kids for a month but we never ran out of food. Didn't even come close to running out, but we were getting a little sick of rice and beans. Guessing from that experience, I probably keep 3 months worth of food on hand regularly. Getting water'd be a nuisence, but there is a river through the middle of town. I seem to be a natural hoarder. It's genetic, or learned, or whatever. My parents do it too.
But . . . I've never really given any thought to what if we all had to LEAVE? Which could happen. There are nuclear facilities built on 'dorment' volcanic formations near here. Stuff gets shipped in and out. And we're only about 150 miles straight-line from a fairly big city. I can see a lava flow, about 2000 years old, from the aforementioned volcanic formations from my window right here. That's a blink of an eye, geologicly speaking.
So, suggested resources for learning what to do in have to leave and maybe can't ever come back situations?
I've already figured out that we need at least three different evacuation plans, depending on the location of the disaster. We need to arrange rendezvous points with my folks in each possible direction. We should store the tent, tarp, and sleeping bags in the car, and the clothing bags better go there, too. Still thinking. Suggestions welcomed.


  • At 2:52 PM, September 02, 2005, Anonymous MR said…

    BoysMom, good to see that you are thinking about these kinds of things.

    I really can't add anything at this time except keep it up, it is a good start where you start with planning rather then just buying the latest coolest survival gear.

    And don't forget water (you can rotate it every few months) in your bug out gear.

  • At 7:15 PM, September 02, 2005, Anonymous MR said…

    Another couple thoughts... it may be assumed, but confirm with your folks that it would be ok for you and yours to come out and stay with them if any type of event happened.

    I don't think you mentioned any type of protection (as in gun).

  • At 7:11 AM, September 03, 2005, Blogger Erik said…

    Another thing to consider is how much time you might have before you had to leave. There are several level of emergency and therefore different things you might want to take.

    Dont forget that some of your papers might be invaluable, especially if you arent going to be able to go back home. If kept in a briefcase or small safe you might want to take those with you (IDs, checkbooks, birthcertificates, etc.)

    Also, and perhaps this is because I am in Colorado, cold weather gear is ALWAYS a must. Personally I keep a jacket/coat in my car all year long cuz you can find frost on the ground in the mountains even in the summer.


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