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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Bye-bye (at least for a while)

Wednesday, my hubby got a job offer. They wanted him to start right away, but ended up giving him two weeks (so he could give notice at his current job).
We have to move. Baby is due in four weeks.
It is a wonderful job. Great job. Too good to pass up. But I have a little boy turning four next week, and a two-and-a-half, and I'm about as agile as a rock. And two weeks. Actually, twelve days, as of today.
Res, thanks for the tip to look in Wyoming. This is at least partly to your credit.
We've found a place to live temporarily, a furnished cabin. We'll find a better (bigger) place before long, I'm sure. We actually have connections to the town, of a weird sort: my uncle was stationed there (Air Force) in the late sixties and my aunt worked for the same employer my husband will be working for. They have friends there. Nice folks, own some rental properties, we might end up renting from them for a time. We'll see. Everyone in the town has been incredibly friendly and helpful, from the Catholic Great-Grandmas' Breakfast Club to the Post Office Clerk to the Real Estate Agents to the people my husband will be working for. And the medical clinic, too.
But . . . I don't know when I'll be back to my blog. Certainly not the first month we're there, since we won't have computers! Maybe for Christmas? Who knows? There's a library there, but with two toddlers and a new baby . . . well, I suspect I'll be doing pretty well if I can keep up with family emails. (My grandmother is not expected to live much longer between the Alzheimers and the broken bones.)
Arielle, I hope everything goes well with your baby.


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