A Little Ray of Sunshine

Friday, October 07, 2011

I need a new nickname

So, as of a week ago, I'm no longer a mom of only boys. The four boys are pretty excited, except for when they're not. Youngest Son wavers between "My baby, not yours," and melt-downs. It's tough being three and not the baby any more.
She's generally pretty calm, doesn't fuss much, not even for diaper changes. Her big brothers have dubbed her Treasure. She makes lots of little crunchy baby sounds, coos, etc.
Other than that, we've had lots of upheaval in our lives since I last posted here, including several moves. My in-laws have gone back to the Old Country, where they are building a house. This has naturally (my father-in-law never having met someone with a need or 'need' that he didn't help, even if he had nothing) caused money issues, but all were prepared for this. It's nice to see my husband and his brothers and sister all on the same page. There's enough other stress in all our lives.
Now I need to go bake a pizza and a birthday cake--vanilla flavored. Eldest is nine today.