A Little Ray of Sunshine

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Autumn is here

It always sneaks up and surprises me. One week, the temperatures are in the nineties. The next week they're in the sixties and falling fast.
I put up apricot jam, diced tomatos, peach halves, and peach jam. I'd like to get some more produce, maybe there will still be some Saturday at the Farmers' Market. Since we moved, we didn't get our own garden this year. It's been cold, so Mom and Dad's tomatos never came in. They're running $25 per half bushel at the market. I don't have zucchini for pickles either, the deer ate Mom and Dad's plants, and everyone else I know grows them too big. I need them to be about six inches long for pickles. Oh, well. At least I have plenty frozen for zucchini bread. We don't have a seperate freezer unit, just the little one with our fridge, so we can't freeze too much. It's been cold at night all summer, so my parents' garden just hasn't done well.
My husband had seven new pairs of jeans last fall. He has managed to put holes in six of them. It is amazing to me. I am still wearing jeans I got ten years ago. I really don't know how he does it. I've got a bunch of mending to do. My boys take after their dad in what they do to clothes. I'm beginning to think it is a men thing. Ladies, do your men tear through their clothes? I told my husband last night that I wonder if he'd go through homespun fabric more slowly. I'm seriously thinking about getting out my spindle and giving it a shot.


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