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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bug Out Bags

I've found some interesting things. One is this: http://www.bob-oracle.com/
I put together their absolute minimalist bag for my husband to take along an a choir camping trip (the things they do to you in college), and he said it was great to have, even though he only used the flashlight.
I did substitute regular gauze bandages for the maxipads.
I also found this place: http://survivalblog.com/
Interesting to me that he likes my homestate best as a survival area. The climate's pretty harsh here. I wouldn't suggest coming here and planning on living off the land right away. It'll take you a few years to get the irrigating and crop types worked out, you'll want a regular job in the mean time. And the economy in Idaho is not very good.
I also read this document: http://www.fema.gov/areyouready/
My husband and I talked it over. We have no interest in ever being in a refuge center. My husband having been a refuge during a war, he understands the reality of the situation better than I do.


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