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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


One of my friends, A., is a libertarian-leaning liberal. We have a lot of fun. Aside from making my mom cringe every time we see each other. (Mom is still convinced that politics and religion should never be discussed.) We're both Eastern Stars, so we usually chat after meetings. Some of the older ladies, from the over sixty group, (A and I are the under 30 crowd, except for when T. or M. show up, rarely) have taken to sitting next to us regularly, though they won't join the conversation, they're definately listening.
Anyway, A. and I always agree on the problems, but never on the solutions. Sometimes I wonder what the other ladies think. It's fun for A. and I. Last time we got started on the increased funding and increased mandatory attendance vs. ending public education debate. I think the biggest difference between us is that she still thinks it's possible and desireable to protect people from themselves.
She's the president of the college democrats, but she says if she could get some other people interested, she'd leave and start a college libertarians club. I laughed at that. "Getting libertarians to do anything together is like herding cats, A. Libertarians can't agree on anything. If you want a club, start it yourself, but be prepared to be the only member."
One of these days, when her finals are over, I intend to drag her into the blogosphere, kicking and screaming, probably. We'll have fun. A., like me, can't keep her opinions to herself. She's a great friend. I wish there were more like her out there. She's five years younger than me, so I'll enjoy watching her gain more life experience, and seeing how her views change, over the next few years. There's a long distance of experience between twenty and twenty-five.


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