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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Anyone who sees a link to police brutality/corruption, please drop me a note? I'm engaging in a campaign to convince my mother that police are NOT NECESSARILY her best friends. I don't want to scare her to death, merely make her rethink her idea that if you are trying to follow the law you won't have any trouble.

I don't want her telling my boys that if they get lost they should look for a police officer to help them. I don't care to have to tangle with the child welfare idiots on top of the other pile of idiots mentioned in the post below.

We already sat down and calculated the percentage of money she actually gets paid for playing piano for Eastern Star after taxes. She's disgusted with Bush's supreme court nominees too, which is a good start.
Dad, of course, thinks Clinton was better. (He likes to be contrary.) I told him I didn't think Clinton was better, but that gridlock was better. Dad insisted that the federal debt and deficit both went down during Clinton's two terms. I'm pretty sure they did not. But I was a teen then, and not following politics so closely. (I recall the deficit being less than orriginally projected, but not less than a previous year at one point.) Anyone know where to find that off hand?
Otherwise, I shall Google.

Dad thinks taxes need to be raised to get rid of the debt. I replied that rasing taxes wouldn't work, directly, because people are too close to broke. That it would be easier (and less likely to cause massive disaster, at least at first) to run the printing presses top speed. Is my argument sound? Dad didn't think it made much sense. I suspect he doesn't really realize how close to broke people are in this country.

Ah, the things discussed at the three-year-old's birthday party.


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