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Friday, October 07, 2005

Happy Birthday Big Boy

Today is my eldest's third birthday. He's having a bit of trouble with this, apparently the result of us telling him that he is two years old for the last year. "You're three years old." I say. "No, Mommy, I'm two years old!" and out come two fingers. Sometimes we have two on each hand appear, and then we talk about how two twos makes four.
Having kids is fun, mostly. Aside from the poopy diapers. And the "Mommy, I pooped." from the not-quite-potty-trained-yet. Usually while holding up the evidence.
So, I have to go make a birthday cake. And pizza. He loves pizza. Of course, everybody loves Mommy's pizza. We got him lots of fun toys (cheap, too, Walmart had a toy clearance sale). So did Nana and Poppa. He's going to have a great party this evening.
He's growing up awfully fast.
Yesterday, after our Eastern Star meeting, I did some home school evangelism with my mom, to a lady who has a little pre-school-aged granddaughter whose daddy works from home and wants to homeschool her, but the girl's mom (grandma's daughter) is worried about socialization because the girl doesn't want to play with other kids. I pulled myself together and reached back to my seven-year-old feelings about other kids. (Mostly, they're all stupid.) And I said, "Does she socialize well with adults?"
Grandma: "She really doesn't know any other adults except her parents."
Me: "When I was a kid, I always liked to talk to the little old ladies at church because they didn't talk down to me like the older kids did. I couldn't talk to the other kids my age because they didn't understand what I was saying. You should tell her mom to introduce her to people who will talk to her at her own level, not at the level they think a kid her age should be."
Grandma: "Oh. I never thought about that."
Me: "Tell your daughter if she'd like to talk to someone who was homeschooled, she's more than welcome to give me a call."
Grandma: "Okay, thanks."

So that was fun. And a very dear friend announced (after some prodding from his wife and daughter) that he had been elected Deputy Grand Master. He and his wife were my Bethel Guardians the year I was Honored Queen. Much cheering ensued.


  • At 10:33 AM, October 11, 2005, Blogger Billy D said…

    As far as the homeschooling/socialization thing goes, there are many groups that are open to homeschoolers for kids to socialize with each other, usually with many different age groups all at once. What you don't get is the kids picking on and fighting with each other, the behavior things that go along with unruly children. And they're nbot going to learn things you don't want them to, if you know what I mean. No "potty talk".


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