A Little Ray of Sunshine

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Book shopping

I didn't mean to. It's been years since I last did. Buy books, I mean. The last time I bought books was in college. The budget just doesn't stand for supporting that sort of addiction, you know. Libraries-r-us around here.
But, we were in St. Vincent de Paul's. The boys were convincing me they'd like some toy trucks. And there was a stand of books. (We were actually there to look for pants for my husband, but no luck. I did find a great present for my mom, though!)
So, alphabeticly, here's what I bought. For under three bucks.

Watership Down, by Richard Adams. (I read my original copy to pieces, literally, years ago.)
Nemisis, by Isaac Asimov
The Winds of Change, by Isaac Asimov (short story collection)
The Lion of Farside, by John Dalmas
Lacey and his Friends, by David Drake
Chrome Circle, by Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon

I'm sure a psycologist could make something interesting of this. Which book was I most excieted about? That'd be a tossup between Watership Down and Lacey and his Friends. If you haven't read the latter, the first three stories paint a very vivid picture of what our present society is coming to in the event of continuing on the present course. Drake tells a fine tale, but not one to make a person sleep easy. I love his writing, anyway, and even though I have the book as an e-text, and am more likely to reread it in that form, I'm glad to have the paper copy. Watership Down brings back memories of childhood for me. Even as a child, I knew it was just a story, but . . . I was a child who rasied rabbits, among other things, and it is a great story.
I'd love to get more Drake. Everything of his I had, until yesterday, was in e-book format. I am one of those (aparently rare) people who has no problem reading on screen. But the electricity does go out sometimes around here, you know.