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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Book Recommend and a note on cloth diapers

I got this from the university library: Herb Gundell's Complete Guide to Rocky Mountain Gardening. This book applies to the high plains, high deserts, and other Rocky Mountain climates we try to grow stuff in. This is not your generic western garden book, with mostly coastal and great plains information. It mentions my town by name. It's an older book, 20 years old, so the variety information is probably mostly out of date, but it talks about how to improve our soil (clay) and watering during the winter and so on.
We're working on putting in garden beds around our home, some flowers out in front where we probably won't have fence, and regular vegetables on the south side of the house. (Our long side with the most windows is south facing, lovely so far. And I have a great view from the computer of the snow covered mountains.)
Mr. Gundell also has a section on houseplants and one on growing vegetables in containers. I'm about ready to try indoor tomatos again. When my husband gets his next paycheck, some (about $3) is slotted for hooks to get the spider plants (also known as airplane plants) hanging up again. Yeah!
And #2's here informing me I need to go change his diaper. It's about diaper washing time, too. Yuck. Hey, if you've never tried cloth diapers, but you've put them in your emergency kit for your children, you probably ought to try using them. There's a bit of a knack to it, and you don't want to be figuring out how to fold and pin them when you're in a hurry for the first time.
Oh, by the way, they're a great money saver. But only wash your plastic pants by hand, otherwise they fall apart too fast. They don't hold up to the agitator in the washing machine.


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