A Little Ray of Sunshine

Monday, October 10, 2005

Perhaps best edited . . .

Suffice to say that after dealing with the idiots the government hires to try to prevent us getting more information, I thought better of naming specific government organizations too . . . blatently. I told Blogger when I started this not to list me on Google, but that doesn't necessarily proof it against all web-searchers.

If you have permanent residency based on marriage, you must somehow prove to a nameless, faceless, beurocrat hundreds of miles away (in this case in Lincoln, Nebraska, wherever the heck that may be) that you did not get married just to get permanent residency. There are people who, in fact, do this. There are native-born citizens of this country who will marry you, if you wish to immigrate, for a price, for the five years you need to be married to get the permanent visa. (The price is not always in currancy . . . which is probably why having children is not considered sufficient proof by itself.)

Prooving that one is in fact married for the purpose of marriage and not for immigration, by documentation, is pretty darned difficult. Enough to reduce me, who does not usually swear (has better shock value that way, you know?), to excercizing that part of my vocabulary.

It seems that providing noterized affidavits from people who know we live together may help. Now we just have to track down people who actually physically were in our various rentals. After all, people who didn't live in the same town as we did at that time can't be sure we really did live together. And then, which of those people could actually do something like that within the time we have. The government requires the documentation by Nov. 30th. This elimantes a lot of people.

It really would be easier if my husband were illegal, in a lot of ways. But then he wouldn't have the option of becoming a US citizen in a few more years. (Assuming we get this mess sorted out to our benefit.)
On the other hand, it might be nice to live in the tropics. And at least over there, you can figure out who gets the bribe (and they'll outright tell you how much they want), so you can always be sure your government-involving issues come to the proper conclusion. I'd rather deal with a government official whom one can buy than one who just likes having the power to push people arround.