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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Sorting through old stuff, deciding what to keep and what not, I found some interesting things. Snapshot of myself with a DS at Fort Knox, among others.
A replication (I guess) of a one dollar certificate? War bond? from the Confederate States of America, dated April 6th, 1863 from Richmond, printed on one side only. The fine print reads 'Six months after the ratification of a treaty of peace between the Confederate States and the United States of America. The Confederate States of America will pay to the bearer on demand One Dollar. No. 1468." It is signed by two individauls, whose names I cannot read (handwriting), and says it is 'receivable in payment of all dues except export duties'. This was given to me years ago by my dad, and I think I should have another somewhere.
Map of Fort Lewis.
File of some of my compositions (music) while in college.
Report (bound) on the U-2 spy plane that crashed in the USSR, complete with color maps and supporting documents. End of term project for History of the Cold War class. I recall I did it in about two days, immediately before it was due. I got an A, of course. It was a great class, a great teacher, (I think it was either the third or fourth class I took with that teacher, because of that teacher) and I never did homework before the last minute. Ever. For any class.
FM 25-101, Battle Focused Training.
Empty notebooks.
Color postcards of Brice Canyon.
Past Honored Queen's Card.

Clearly I need to declutter more often. I have trouble throwing things out, and I'm trying to work on that. None of these aformentioned items am I yet willing to get rid of, even though some are clearly worthless to me now except as mementos. I did get some extra milage out of the postcards. (See, honey, this is why I want us to drive to M.'s wedding in CA next summer. I want to show you some of this stuff in Utah. Okay, yeah, besides my intolerance for the TSA.)
I'm hoping when the boys get older I can get some milage out of the U-2 report and maybe even the FM. Or maybe that's just an excuse to keep them.


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