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Friday, January 06, 2006

Crazy Time

My husband is on school break until Monday. He, his brothers, my father, his little-brother's-father-in-law are all December Birthdays. His sister's girls are in January. Our wedding aniversary (4 years) was the Thursday before Christmas. My husband's birthday was the Thursday after Christmas. My parents' wedding aniversary (34 years) is New Year's Eve. (My dad has NEVER forgotten their aniversary. This from a man who one year thought Mom's birthday was the day before it really was.) My maternal grandparents, while not marrying in December, hit their 64th wedding aniversary this year. Evidently there is something about 30s and marriages in my line.
So this chunk of mid-December to early-January is the Crazy Time around here. We forget whose house we're supposed to be at for which party which day and when. People call us at the last minute to make plans. (This always happens, our friends are not an organized bunch.)
We decided five days before New Years Eve that we should have a New Years Eve party. It went wonderfully, except all the guests were male. All but two were international students from Africa. African males only discourse on one subject: politics. I had fun.
To make life more entertaining, Hemi decided he needed to climb on Daddy's lap while
Daddy was playing a computer game. He couldn't quite get up over the arm of the chair, so he decided to extend the cd reader/writer tray and use it as a stepstool. Superglue can fix many things, though not quite as good as new. Hey, it still works, if a little crankily!
We had a good Holiday season, all together.


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