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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Altogether too long.

I was planning to post yesterday but . . . at nine in the morning my dad called, could my husband take him to the hospital? He felt short of breath and just generally bad. The docs let him go home yesterday afternoon. He's been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Mom came down with stomach flu, so I ended up handling much of the outside-the-hospital-coordination.

Hemi is at that awful defiant stage. Yesterday afternoon he threw a book across the room in an act of pique. I told him "No, don't throw books." He threw himself down on the floor to scream and bang his head. I'd had enough of the temper fits, so I pulled him back up, put his little hands down at his side, and told him he could scream as much as he liked as long as he stood with his hands at his side. Well! It was an hour and a half before he finally gave in and stood quietly with his hands at his sides. Clearly he thinks he is the boss, and I've got to work on that attitude of his. Two is quite old enough to behave tolerably when he doesn't get his own way, and he'll be two the end of this month.

So with the one thing and the other yesterday, we didn't get outside to play and I didn't get much done. This morning was gym class, and Hemi behaved better than usual, but not really well yet. I suspect I'm going to have a few more major battles with him. I do find the advice on this website helpful: http://www.raisinggodlytomatoes.com/

My husband dug up half the vegetable garden space on Saturday, if the weather holds dry enough he'll do the other half this Saturday, then I'll arrange the horse manure with our friend who's got some to get rid of. The seedlings are growing great guns: everyone who comes by admires them.

The folks at the Butcher Block are now taking orders for organic produce. I placed mine today when I picked up our fish and meat. NPR had a very interesting interview on the subject of how what Americans eat has changed in the last forty years on Radio West today. We do like that show host, Doug Fabrizio is his name. He does a very good job of keeping his own biases out of his interviews. Not perfect, but very good. Better than any other show host we've heard. He has folks with a wide range of opinions on his show. Did you know that corn syrup was invented in the '70s, and was first introduced into food (Coca Cola) in 1980? Or that Americans eat 63 pounds of corn syrup per capita each year?

I can't wait to be able to plant the garden and get our own fresh vegetables. Cheap and fresh picked, what could be better? Oh, I already got my first sunburn of the year, fortunately not a bad one. I sat outside for half an hour while my husband worked on the garden. Oops! I didn't realize even I'd burn that fast with SPF 15 on. It's gone now: I slathered it with cocoa butter lotion, and it had vanished by Sunday morning. It's April 11th, I have another month and three weeks to wait to plant. Well, it might be okay to plant lettuce a little earlier than that, but the tomatos and stuff have to wait. I'm getting impatient. I'll have good big plants by then, for certain.


  • At 10:40 AM, April 12, 2006, Blogger CrazyJo said…

    My little guy has started throwing temper tantrums. He'll be one on Monday. He's got a nice little bruise on his forehead from banging his head on the tile floor. Fortunately his hair covers a lot of it, but I still am embarrassed to take him in public - he looks like Poor Little Abused Baby. Ha! Spoiled little monster. :) We've been working on getting him to pay attention to NO and obeying it. Ha! Stubborn little guy. Gee, wonder where he gets that from? lol
    I'd love to have a garden. Maybe someday! Meanwhile I'll enjoy reading about yours.

  • At 8:40 PM, April 12, 2006, Blogger Arielle said…

    Your Hemi sounds a lot like my son - he just turned two, and he's full of defiance and temper tantrums as well. If you stumble upon any strategies that seem to work well, share them with me, please!

  • At 3:38 PM, April 13, 2006, Blogger BoysMom said…

    Try reading over the Godly Tomatos website. It's really a book on child-rearing. Most of the information we receive about raising children is secular, even when it comes from our churches, and it is so easy to loose sight that what we are really doing is training a heart and not just compelling outward obediance, or trying to build self-esteme.
    Arielle, we have not had any real tantrums since Monday. A few abortive starts, and the instant I said "If you want to scream stand up and put your hands at your side." he was on his feet and stifling his tears. You have to keep the child close enough that you can stop them before they get started on whatever they shouldn't do, whether pinching his brother or throwing a tantrum. Your desire for his obediance conflicts with his human nature to do what he wants, and that's where the tantrum comes from. He's rebeling against you just as people rebel against God when what God wants conflicts with their own desires, and the root cause is that he's human.
    The most important thing is that the child doesn't win any of these battles. Once they know they can win sometimes, they'll persist in fighting all the time. I remember this from being a teen: I knew my parents would sometimes give in to avoid unpleasantness, especially in public, so I always pushed for my own way. I also see this in the children at my boys gym class, there is one mother there who complains her children never mind her, then the little boy whines for treats, she tells him not to, he keeps whining, so to shut him up she gets him a treat. Well, of course he keeps on fussing and whining: it works! I am by no means a perfect mother, but I am working on dealing with rebellion in my children, in part because my parents never dealt with it in me and it is such a huge struggle that I think any headstart I can give my children will be a huge blessing to them.
    CrazyJo, if someone hassles you about your son's bruise, roll your eyes and say "He's getting into that horrid temper tantrum stage." If they've ever had a child they'll immediately sympathize. If there are other mothers around close enough to overhear, they'll frequently come over and sympathize and get in the way of the person hassling you.

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