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Monday, March 20, 2006

'Cello Roundup

I'm putting together an ensemble for the yearly Crusade for Strings concert. The gal organizing it is very concerned that everyone should be good players. I got the "Are your students good enough to play in this?" question. I think I answered it to her satisfaction. The piece is Bile Them Cabbage Down, arranged by Rick Mooney. You can find the place that carries it at http://www.nationalcelloinstitute.com/ if you are intersted in such things. They stock a lot of 'cello ensemble music. I'm looking forward to getting more.
But, it's a four-part peice. And I'd like to get at least two, three would be better, 'cellists on each part. So I'm calling local 'cellists, trying to get a group rounded up. One gentleman I've known for years (since I was five and he was six and we played on the same soccer team, well before either of us played 'cello) has a song I think recorded by his band that you hear when you call his cell phone before he answers. He said "I guess I could." which, coming from him, is a hearty "Yes, I'd love to, let me know when."
I called the gentleman who teaches at the university and told his answering machine all about it. He's got four or five students, I believe, at the moment. I've got six, but I'd only ask five at the most to participate, and a couple of them are out of towners, so iffy if they could make rehersals. (The brand new beginner, well, we've got to get her chinese factory made 'cello to stay in tune for more than five seconds first, and she really is brand new. As in "This is what music looks like?" new.)
I know a young lady who's pretty good, studies with a Suzuki teacher down in Salt Lake, whose mom I'll try to reach later. Then there's the symphony 'cellists, and hopefully the university gentleman has their numbers, otherwise, it's back to the phone book.
If this works out well, I'd really like to start a 'cello choir. If you've never heard one, and you get a chance to, it's quite something. I know there are enough 'cellists in town who are good enough to pull off the Bachianas Brazilieras, (two of them require 8 'cellists) and those would be really fun. We'd have to find a good soprano for the one, the other is just eight 'cellos. I forget how many there are total, but the others call for other instrumentation.
You know, I really need to call the accountant from my Eastern Star chapter and figure out when I need to set up some sort of corporation to cover my music.


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