A Little Ray of Sunshine

Friday, February 24, 2006


Mmm, garlic bread.
Except for the part about us being out of bread. I'd have to bake. Which I need to, anyway.
My husband is a wise and thoughtful man. The last time we went to the grocery store he told me to buy chocolate ice cream. "Why?" "Because you'll want it some night at midnight and it's handier to have it on hand." This is true: I am not the sort of woman who begs her husband to go buy her something she's craving. But I will be much happier, and be extension, so will he, if I have it on hand.
I think I'm going to go bake. We're out of bread, anyway. Likely I won't want garlic bread by the time it's done baking, but that's okay.
I wonder why garlic bread?

Did you know you can't buy really good bread? At least not around here? Great Harvest comes the closest, but theirs is all gooey. The grocery stores sell styrofoam that they claim is bread. I'd bake my own even if it weren't cheaper. The only time I didn't was when I was pregnant with Beau, in my pre-Kitchenaid days, when I couldn't stand up long enough. Ick.
Of course, the Kitchenaid is busted now (well, it still works but it sounds like it's breaking, so I won't run it) and until we can afford fixing it, I'm back to mixing by hand.


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