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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The weekend snuck up on me, and I think it hit me on the head.

This was a very busy weekend, between Saturday's teaching, getting our 'new' couch, helping a friend, M., move (the same young gentleman mentioned in my socialization post), a DnD game, dinner with my parents on Sunday, and a superbowl party with the Easter Star ladies, and then our friend M. came over to play Diablo II, a supurb time-eater. Yesterday seemed like more of the same, Beau fell on his 'new' bed and bit his lower lip badly.
Our 'new' couch was a gift from one of my Eastern Star ladies and her husband. She is such a charactor, she is my mother's age but acts twenty years longer (and looks younger, too, mostly because of her attitude). She has officially retired, as has her husband, but they have a deal, it seems, that anything outside of their regular budget that one of them wants they must take contract work to do. Both of them are in the financial businesses. So she decided that she wanted all new furniture. Now she had to take a contract down to Las Vegas to pay for it. The company that hired her pays her transportation, her hotel suite, everything. Such a hardship, or so she tells us! She gave us the couch, and some of her and her husband's old clothes, and said "I remember back when we were young and poor, so I want to help you out. Don't worry, by the time you're my age, you'll be rich too!" She's short, so I can't take her old dresses or pants, but some of her sweaters and her husband's sweaters fit me just fine.
We had been worrying about the furniture situation, you see, Beau and Hemi have been sharing a twin bed, sleeping foot to foot, since we moved in here. It's worked well for the most part, but they're both growing like weeds. Hemi is so accident-prone in general that we don't dare get them a bunkbed yet, which is what we'd like to do eventually.
I bought a futon to serve as a couch way back in college, as a single girl, (and had a fight with an almost-ex-roommate over whether or not I got to keep the futon I'd paid for, I won of course). It was used when I got it, and over the years we've had trouble with the frame, even to the point of replacing two boards, which promptly split again, the week after they were replaced. We've been using a stack of old text books to support that corner.
Now we have our friends' old couch (which, incidentally, looks brand new, that's how well she keeps her furniture), we tossed the futon frame out in the yard for scrap wood, put the mattress on the floor of the boys' room, and moved the twin bed out. The mattress is in the living room, the box in the hall, and the collapsable metal frame in our bedroom.
Our first summer project, well, after the garden is in and the trellis' built, is going to be a storage shed. It may be bigger than our trailor, but will surely be worth it to get some stuff out of the house.
The boys approve of their new bed, except for Beau falling and biting his lip (I didn't see what happened but suspect he may have been playing James Bond and jumping off of his horse-on-springs- onto the bed).
Next weekend and the weekend after ought to be a little saner, aside from the DnD group, but starting the last weekend in February I'm going to have three very crazy Saturdays, and it's all the fault of Music Club and Eastern Star.


  • At 9:41 PM, February 09, 2006, Blogger Arielle said…

    DnD - dare I assume that you mean Dungeons & Dragons? I thought I was the only one in my little corner of the blogosphere that had such a geeky habit! My husband and I currently play in three bi-weekly games.

  • At 12:15 PM, February 13, 2006, Blogger BoysMom said…

    Oh, yes. That's exactly what I mean. We have two groups that we play in right now, that are supposed to be weekly, but vary because everyone else has variable work schedules.
    But we already knew we were both geeky, right? I mean, since we hijacked that thread over on Heidi's to talk about Diablo II.
    So what characters do you play? I've got a Bard and a Ranger. We're sort of playing something halfway between version 3 and 3.5, our DM only has 3, all the rest have 3.5.

  • At 8:51 PM, February 16, 2006, Blogger Arielle said…

    I recently ran a Ravenloft game (my one and only attempt at DM'ing) with the 3.0 books, while all my players had 3.5. That proved interesting at times.

    I'm currently playing in three games, each meets bi-weekly. I've (coincidentally) also got a bard, which I just started in our most recent game, plus a sorcerer and a fighter in the other two games. How large are your games? Mine have 3, 4 and 8 players, respectively, plus the DM of each.

  • At 9:55 AM, February 24, 2006, Blogger BoysMom said…

    How fun! We seem to have a surpluss of wanna be DMs, so I'm probably not going to get a chance for a while.
    We also have a lack of steady players. Everyone else is a college student and has part-time jobs with variable work schedules. So we have from 2-5 people for the one game, depending on who shows up. M. runs two characters, though, so that makes things more interesting when there are only the three of us there.
    The other game is supposed to have four players, but hasn't gotten off the ground yet (the one I'm playing a Ranger in). It won't for the next few weeks, the DM's wife wants to do it on Saturdays, and I'm busy the next several Saturdays.


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