A Little Ray of Sunshine

Monday, January 30, 2006

A good way to start the day

I opened my eyes this morning to a little boy who wanted a snuggle. No whinging, no tears, just snuggle up with Mommy in bed. My boys are so busy now that they don't have as much time for me: there are just too many cars to crash, books to read, and finger guns to shoot. He'll be two in April, though everyone always thinks he's older. It's lovely to have time to cuddle him and kiss him, he's a sweet, soft baby, and very loving. His big brother was already up and hanging out with Daddy.
He woke me up from a very entertaining dream, which I have diagnosed as being caused by too much John Ringo before bedtime. At least, that is the only reason I can think of for my sleeping mind generating a dirty bomb triggered by a cell phone, a plot device directly stolen from the book I was rereading.
Yesterday I got most of my garden seed order put together, I am waiting to hear back from my mother as to whether or not she wants to order anything from this company. I want to order my seeds all from one company so as to save on shipping and handling. We are splitting the garden this year, as they have a great deal of trouble with deer. The deer are not interested in sweet corn, so they will plant much of their space to that, and the rest to peas and beans because Dad has devised wire frames that go over them to discourage the plants. I will do the tomatos, cucumbers, squash, melons, peppers, eggplants, and other things disinclined to stay within proper boundries, which causes them to become deer dinner rather than ours.
I don't have as much space, only about 1200 sq. ft., a 4' by 30' strip along the south wall of our house. I intend to trellis as much as possible against the wall of the trailor, and do two rows, maybe three with the root vegetables and the greens. My parents could grow the root vegetables, but judging from past results, wouldn't get them dug before the ground froze solid.
Some things I am only buying the seed now, and won't plant until next fall, inside. The napa cabbage, and regular cabbage, and broccoli. There is too much of an aphid problem here, and I don't like chemicals around the children. Lettuce and spinach, and the multipurpose beets, should do fine outside. A friend gave me a pressure canner, so I am all set for next summer. I can't wait for the seeds to get here so I can get them started.
My husband finds our weeds strange, apparently jungle weeds do not have the root systems that desert weeds have, and he was shocked at how easily dandelions, for instance, come back. I expect I'll have the same problem in reverse, if/when we move to his homeland.


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