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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Nothing of interest today

Today is my teaching day. I have already taught my oldest student (retired) and my youngest student (my 3yo, Beau). I still have my 3 teens to go. They have more drama in their lives, I tell you, than the entire circle of bloggers I visit! Every little thing is a big issue to these young people, right down to the classic 'my big sibling hit me'. I get exhausted just thinking about it.
Don't get me wrong, I love teaching them. Sometimes I just don't know how to get all the other stuff they bring with them out of the way so we can get down to the music. I don't know why their parents let them say "I couldn't practice because I had to study for a math test," but in the next sentance the teens tell me they got to the next level on their gameboys! I wonder if I should charge more for lessons, but I suspect my students' parents wouldn't keep them taking lessons if I did. I do think I took music a little more seriously at that age, but I wasn't permitted not to, either! If I had a waiting list of students, like some of the piano teachers here do, I would start kicking students out for non-practice. It's in the lesson contract, right by the part about how much they pay each month, after all. Lessons are a waste of everyone's time when they don't practice.
We have all been sick except for my husband. Beau is about over it, Hemi is still leaking at the nose and cranky, and I am worn out, thus grumpy, though I did get a good sleep last night, thanks to the store-brand version of Nyquil. I probably won't get to more tinkering with the blog today, so if you come by you will have to cope with the strange color combinations.


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