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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Dungeons and Dragons group

A friend of ours wanted to be Dungeon Master, so he got a group of us together, all of us new to the game. Little did he know what he was in for. There are four of us, one elvan wizard (Zantharith), one half-orc barbarian (Munya, played by my husband), and two half-elvan bards (Kuiden, who missed last night, and Ainu, played by me). Now the first thing the DM had to do was add in an NPC Cleric, Rydar. Otherwise, we'd get killed too easily. Ainu has no hit points (7, after last night was over) and Zanth has only a couple more.
And then he discovered that I have a nastier, sneakier mind than anyone else in the group. Last night, for instance, Ainu spotted a large winged creature flying very high in the same direction we were headed. Now, we knew there was a wizard back in the town we had left, and the first thing I said was "Zanth, can wizards shape-shift?" (I have read a fair bit of fantasy, so I tend to pull all sorts of posibilities out of my brain.) Zanth's player replied that they could. "Can they shapeshift into dragons?" The DM rolls his eyes. "What's your Arcane knowledge?" "7" "Yes, you know they can shapeshift into dragons, no larger than huge."
So I hypothesise that the supposedly friendly wizard back in town may have shapeshifted into a dragon. Perhaps we will meet up with him. Or perhaps he is our enemy. The DM is rolling his eyes at us again. Either way, we're a day out of town and there's no sense in going back to find out if a dragon just raised the town.
Eventually we find a bunch of goblins and hobgoblins to kill (Yeah for barbarians with lots of hit points!), but the potential dragon never shows up again. Our DM rolls his eyes a lot, usually at me. He also likes to threaten me with lightning strikes. I tell him I have a nasty, sneaky, paranoid sort of mind, and maybe next time he should let me be the DM.
Both the DM and the guy who plays Zanth are married, but their wives don't want to play with us. Neither woman has ever tried the game. I don't understand why, if she's never tried it, a woman wouldn't be willing to try something her husband enjoys. We'd never played before, but when my husband said "Hey, (DM)'s putting together a D and D game, let's try it." I said "Sure, sounds like fun." Somehow we ended up as the hosts for the game sessions, probably because we have children and both of us are playing. Now if I can just convince these guys that when I say "Don't eat before you come." I mean it . . .
I suspect that this is somehow related to the fact that at least 80 % of my husband's single male friends have asked me if I have a sister.


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