A Little Ray of Sunshine

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Yesterday, I was reading Psalms to Beau on the couch, he has a cold. Right in the middle, he sat up and asked me, "Mommy, what color are God's eyes?" Now how do you answer that? I told him that we didn't know, that it's not possible for people to see God's face and live. I tried to find the passage about Moses in reference to that, but I was too slow and he had moved on to other activities. He always catches me by surprise.

Hemi, this morning, looking at their picture Bible, enjoying himself identifying the characters he recognized: "Baby Cheese."

After watching movies, X-Men 2 and The World Is Not Enough last night, Beau: "Daddy should play Mr. Bond."
I asked him which he liked better, X-Men or Bond, and he said "Mr. Bond. James Bond." (Okay, so we're all James Bond fans here, clearly.) By the way, to Beau, he's always "Mr. Bond." Asked which part he likes best: "The lilicopters blowed up." He loves both helocopters and explosions.

Daddy and I got a good laugh out of "Daddy should play Mr. Bond." Of course Beau does not distinguish well between movies and computer games, and that is what he means, but just the thought of my 6' plus Bantu husband playing a Brittish spy . . .
"Well, honey, you've got the dark hair and the good looks, but you'll have to work on your accent!"


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