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Monday, February 27, 2006

Rainy Day

Beau and Hemi are watching out their bedroom window, waiting for the garbage truck to come. It always comes at about this time on Mondays, and they love to see it.
I played Saturday for the Eastern Star Tri-state meeting. Bless their hearts, they took up a donation for me (which they didn't have to) and gave as much as I would've charged, if they were folks I charged. The look on the checker's face at Walmart was priceless as I counted out my bill in ones. And Walmart finally got in the proper size tire to replace the one on my husband's bike that got sliced by a shovel. We've been waiting since September, I guess.
And thank goodness the Stars were so generous: our car's coolant system has sprung a leak. We're hoping it's just a hose or a connection someplace, but it's somewhere in the mess of stuff, wires and hoses and suchlike, that goes over part of the engine and under . . . some peice of car equipment that I'm sure is important but blocks our view.
I've also got a gig coming up this Friday. Again, it's not a paying gig, but I need the exposure badly, and it's an ongoing opertunity that I can plug my students into as they get better. Which will be very good for them. I need to get some business cards made up. Some of the downtown shops host artists the first Friday of every month, and those that consider themselves more sophisticated like to have live musicians. One of the artists is the son of one of my students, so that is how I came to get involved.
I think I've found a doc, actually, a pair of nurse-midwives who work in a partnership with a group of OBs. Hopefully this will work out well. I'm a little leary because you don't know which of the two you'll get, it depends on who's on call, but hopefully we'll like them both.
I just had to take a time-out, Beau came crying to report that Hemi poked him in the eye with his toe. It looks fine, but Beau insisted he needs a bandage. So out of the scrap fabric, I made a bandage. Of course it lasted all of a minute before he decided his eye wasn't hurt anymore. And now they're back to playing.
It sounds like my dryer's done, so I need to go change out the laundry, and I'd probably better check on my rye bread after that. It's rising. In theory. I did mention it was rainy, today? For some reason my bread rises slower when it's rainy.


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