A Little Ray of Sunshine

Monday, March 27, 2006

Spring today

But not yesterday.
Saturday, after teaching, we took the boys to the local hospital for the Teddy Bear Clinic. Beau took Elephant and Hemi took Poopy Bunny. But we told the staff, when they asked for Poopy Bunny's name, that he was just Bunny. (Beau named him, though he's Hemi's toy, because Beau wanted to practice 'changing his diaper'. Bunny doesn't actually wear a diaper, but you know children . . .)

Elephant got a cast on his nose, Bunny got one on his arm. The boys had a good time. Saturday night, a wind storm blew in. We lost power a little after seven. Beau does not like not having electricity. Hemi tried to blow out all the candles. We were very happy for our gas stove: Daddy was in the middle of making crepes for dinner when we lost power. Hot coffee and hot cocoa for breakfast Sunday morning were much appreciated, too. (And yes, we were quite safe to use it, the over-the-stove vent is of the dryer style and flaps considerably when there is wind. You can feel the cool draft from it if you stand by the stove. We used the stove for nothing but cooking, anyway.) We got power back twice briefly during the night, but it was gone again by six am, when the boys got up. It never got colder than sweater wearing in the house. The wind brought snow with it, though not much, it drifted quite a bit. It melted fast enough on Sunday that we didn't have to shovel. Apparently my parents got quite a lot more out at their place. It took the power company a lot longer to get their power back: ours was back by ten am, they didn't get theirs until mid-afternoon.
We're tired of the boys waking up at dawn, so Sunday I ripped the seams out of the old futon cover, which we took off the futon when we made it into their bed (it has another cover, but being a picky housewife, I didn't like the color so had made this one). Then I measured, cut, backed it with an old white sheet, and made new curtains for their room. The boys slept 'til quarter-to-seven this morning, so the new, much heavier and thicker curtains were declared a success. We definitely don't want them getting up at dawn all summer, when dawn comes at 4:30 am.
I planted the rest of the seeds this morning, uncovered the okra and tomatillo pots (all the seeds have sprouted), looked over the rest of my sprouts, and watered where required. The cucumbers are just about pushing their plastic wrap off, even though not all the seeds have come up in each pot. I'll be satisfied if I get two sprouts out of three, but two of the pots have only one thus far.
And I'm doing laundry. The boys are all out of pants, those were supposed to get washed Saturday evening. I hear the washer is done, so it's off to check the towels in the dryer. I've got the heater off today, it is so warm out, and a few of the windows (those without plants) open a little to let some fresh air in.
Who can worry about politics and the state of humanity when there is sunshine and fresh air? More people need to get outside and smell the fresh soil, then they won't be so grumpy. And once I get the boys pants dried, we'll be outside kicking a soccer ball around.


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