A Little Ray of Sunshine

Thursday, October 26, 2006

A lovely morning

It snowed yesterday, and is still snowy today. Half-an-inch, perhaps, it looks like someone drizzled sugar glaze all over. The mountain peaks to the east appeared to be floating on top of the mist off the lakes which are hidden by a ridge from our house. The sunrise was gorgeous.
The view out the windows is different every minute. I love it. I told my husband I want a better quality camera when we can afford one. He's in favor of the idea--any tech toy meets with his approval.
Beau and Hemi really want to go outside to play. They have lots of energy and I am just trying to keep them from screaming and running indoors this morning. I can't blame them, but it is too cold out for Hummer right now. Perhaps closer to midday we can go out.
My great-grandmother's china hutch arrived, unfortunately, the shippers shattered a pane of glass in it. This was supposed to go to my uncle, but is mahogany, and his dining room furniture is teak, so he offered it to me! When repaired and reassembled, (they took the legs off for shipping) it will be about ten feet tall. It is a lovely peice, and I still can't quite believe it came to me. I am fond of the darker woods, so it will go well with the other items I've collected. I like antiques, too, and I suppose one could call the furniture style in our home 'mixed' with accuracy. Suffice to say that I will stick with the cheap hand-me-downs or garage sale specials until I can afford or am given the real, solid wood peices that I like. (Every now and then a real treasure turns up: I am typing this sitting at a solid cherry desk, which my dad found at a garage sale for $10 when I was in high school and my mom and I stripped a quarter-inch of white paint off of. Not something I could have afforded new!)
We're getting settled in here, little by little. Some things aren't going to be unpacked, where we will be moving again in nine months at the outside there's no sense in unpacking the knick-knacks. No sense in making curtains, either. So it'll never really look like a home, but that's okay. We're already going to have to replace the blinds in the boys' room, they ripped it down (I think it was an accident). We're busy enough, and we're already looking into our options for June.


  • At 5:41 AM, October 27, 2006, Blogger Serena said…

    I think that look is called "eclectic." We have it, too, and after over 30 years of "eclectic," I don't think I'd do with any of the more put-together and polished decors. I credit my Father with how He puts my places together so they are so homey. This one the carpet in the livingroom is a berry red and it matches my afghans and pillows on my sofa and loveseat and picks up a little of it in the print on the sofa. It wasn't something I did, for sure! I found some fabric that matches the carpet to make valances for the windows that just have mini-blinds on them right now. I'm hoping we are going to live here for a while, but who knows as much as I've moved in the last 2+ years! Don't be afraid to do a few little things to make it home for now. I've lived in some places for only 3 months in the last 2 years but they were more enjoyable with a few little touches (it was actually easier to unpack the stuff and put it in its place than to try and find places for the boxes in the last tiny place we lived). I hope you find the place to settle in for a while when you move from where you are.
    Love and shalom,

  • At 10:48 PM, October 29, 2006, Anonymous Res Ipsa said…

    I'd like to know where you finally moved to, via email if you'd like.

  • At 9:28 PM, October 31, 2006, Blogger CrazyJo said…

    I need to finish my unpacking, and we've been here four months already! It's really just the bedroom that isn't finished - and that's in large part because my best unpacking is when my son is napping, and his crib is in our bedroom. :P


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