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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Now I know why

My husband got the job he wanted before he got his degree. (Hopefully Mom and Mom-in-law will stop complaining about him dropping out sometime in the next century.) And why Hummer came twelve days early.
I took Beau to the doctor yesterday. He's got a nebulizer now that he has to use four times a day. One perscription for that, plus two others. Hemi has a fever today, a cold, I hope. As if we didn't have enough stress already!
My husband's first day of work was the day Hummer was born. I don't think I could deal with everything else with a two-week-old, but with a four-week-old who's sorta grasped the difference between night and day, it's survivable. I hope. It seemed like a bad day to have a baby at the time, but just goes to show how little I know.
Since my husband's employer insisted that he start right away, his health insurance started November first. Which means, for the first time since our marriage, we actually all have health coverage.
Why the poor child has asthma, I don't know. (In one sense. It's clearly genetic: there's more family with it than without it.) But at least we're in a position to deal with it. If anyone has any non-drug ways of dealing with it, I'd much appreciate hearing them. About all I know is to avoid anything that seems to trigger it.
We're still moving. It snowed today, and it's melted somewhat, but not entirely. I have a feeling this November is going to be a very, very long month. I'd really like to be done moving so we can start looking for a church. Being out of town weekends is not conducive to that.


  • At 12:36 AM, November 14, 2006, Anonymous Arielle said…

    I don't know of any non-drug ways myself, but my mom (Serena) may know of some, as she tends to do a lot of reading on natural health. I'll try to remember to mention it to her!

  • At 2:28 PM, November 20, 2006, Blogger Serena said…

    I guess Arielle doesn't know I check in here every so often. I would definitely do as much living food as possible (as opposed to cooked food) and if you have a juicer, lots of raw fruit and vegetable juices. Mullein is very good for the lungs and I think it grows wild out there. I know it did in Nebraska. It is a fuzzy leafed (quite large leaves) plant that grows in a rosette and puts out one long stalk that has little yellows flowers on it. You could google it to see what it looks like. You would give lots of mullein tea or make a tincture from the plant and a really good source of alcohol. Tinctures are easy to make, though they take at least 2 weeks. You can also do tinctures with vegetable glycerin. I don't know enough to know if a glycerin tinture is good with mullein or not. Those are my top recommendations, but I do know there are chinese herbals that are good for it. A friend's granddaughter went off the steroids after changing her diet and taking the chinese herbs. I'm sure if you do a little research, you will find much more info than I've given you. The raw fruits and vegetables are a top help for healing, though, so work at getting more of them down him. Little children enjoy the juices more, I have found.

    Love and shalom,

  • At 12:36 AM, November 29, 2006, Blogger Birdie said…

    I have a couple of asthmatics here at my house as well. It is a tough thing to live with. Serena is absolutely right about diet. Other than that, one of the best things you can do is to find out what your child's asthma "triggers" are and start avoiding them. It isn't a bad idea to have him allergy tested as well as asthma is often triggered by allergies.

  • At 3:46 PM, December 01, 2006, Blogger BoysMom said…

    Thank you very much, ladies.
    Fruits and veggies are very pricy here--they don't grow, so we'll have to figure something out. We're doing most of our shopping when we go to see my folks, once a month or less.
    I know mullein well--I used it for dolly wash-cloths in my parents' creek! I didn't know it was useful for anything else. I haven't seen it growing here yet, but spring will be the time to look.
    So far Beau's doing just fine--it really seems like the cigarette smoke was the trigger.

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