A Little Ray of Sunshine

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Health Update

They admitted Dad to the hospital last night after finally doing a scan (ultrasound, I think) of his lungs and determining he has a pulminary embulism. This is his second. Now why they didn't do this back on Monday . . .
He does also have congestive heart failure, that diagnoses was correct.

Mom stayed home from work all day and slept. I just talked to her on the phone and she feels much better and is going in to see Dad. I stopped by this morning with a science fiction novel, a crossword puzzle book, a newspaper, and a notebook so he could get some work done.
I also picked up the dog from the vet and took him home. Mom was glad to see him, and he was glad to see her and the other dog.

The boys have a cold. I am coming down with it. We all hope my husband (who, if you've been keeping score, is the only healthy member of the family) does not.


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