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Friday, December 01, 2006

Temporarily done with insanity?

My inlaws have returned to Seattle. We had a wonderful time with them, and they really enjoy the boys. Their culture is still very male-lineage, so these boys are pretty important to them, especially Beau, the first grandson in the family. The boys, of course, got spoiled.
My folks joined us for Thanksgiving. Their car broke on the way up here, so now they have our Buick (they had to get back to work) and we have Mom's minivan as well as our own. Mom flew out to visit her father this weekend, so who knows when we'll switch cars back again! Christmas, maybe.
We finished up the old place and turned in the keys. Yeah!!!!
Now we're down to a storage unit, this house, and some stuff stored at my folks (500 pound piano in particular).
Of course, we note that we only have this house until June 30th. So we're going house-hunting. Do we buy a house? Build a house? Split the difference and get a manufactured? Be cheap and get a mobile? (NO!)
Buying an existing house would be easiest, but really hard to find what we want, or even get close. My husband is leaning towards manufactured. I'd rather build (that way, we get what we want and know it'll be designed with future additions in mind). There's so much public land in this area that finding private land for sale with water is hard. We probably won't get water. (And what is up with the 'this parcel has water--an irrigation ditch' idea? An irrigation ditch is not water! Water has fish in it.) It seems like most of the creeks are either public land or ranched, and all the lakes seem to be public. (BLM map.)
So clearly we'll be doing the moving insanity again.
Hemi just woke up--time to go potty. I hate potty-training, but I do like the end results. It's just the frustration as much on my son's part as mine with the accidents. Nobody likes wet clothes, but it's so hard for him to stop whatever he's doing to go. Beau had the same problem.


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