A Little Ray of Sunshine

Saturday, August 20, 2005

All moved

Well, I said we were moving, and we did. I kept telling myself I should finish unpacking before I got back to blogging, but have given up on that idea. We will never finish unpacking, I think.
The boys are pretty happy with the new house, now that they've gotten used to it. Children are adaptable. Our eldest was unhappy the first few weeks, but he's got his 'own computer' now, and that makes up for a lot. It's his and his brother's, actually, shared, but the little guy is still working on basic mouse technique. The big one is playing Jumpstart Preschool Advanced right now, and the little one is watching carefully and commenting.
Yesterday they filled the toilet in their bathroom with the contents of the wastebasket. Their daddy thought it was funny when I told him about it when he got home. Men and potty humor! Of course, I had to clean it out, so I didn't find it funny until today. What on earth were they thinking? At least they didn't try to flush.
Part of the unpacking delay is lack of storage space, and part is pure procrastination. Some of these boxes never got unpacked after our last move, and I really, really don't want to go through them. I'd throw them out unopened, but we didn't have any filing system before our last move, and somewhere, in one of them (or more than one) are several years of tax returns. Now why the IRS insists that we keep them, when they keep them too, I don't know, but if you're not wanting to do the tax-protester thing, you better toe the line. So I'll keep those boxes. Talk about silly, huh?
School (university) starts Monday so we'll be done with the summer insanity and into the school year version. Looking at the projected schedule, I'm not sure it's preferable.