A Little Ray of Sunshine

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Greening up

The scrub and trees along the river across the highway is starting to leaf out, giving the appearence of a yellow-green haze on the branches. The little yellow flowers I mentioned previously are done, but there are plenty of dandilions blooming. There has been enough snow and rain that the grass and other plants are still green.
My husband spent the morning working on a greenhouse with our future landlord. Now he is meeting with Pete and company. Matters on that front seem to be moving along.
It looks like we may be able to have chickens and/or rabbits in town. One must have a permit to keep 'livestock'. The problem, of course, is convincing the town to give one a permit. Anyway, the greenhouse is supposed to be going quite well. I think it might make a good place for a few rabbit hutches on the north, that is, the house wall. We may go in so I can see the work in progress this afternoon, or wait until tomorrow after church. The new house is across the street from church, isn't that handy? I am going to be able to do a lot of walking once we move, everything is in walking distance. I'm starting to get excited about moving: this will be the sixth place we've lived since getting married.
My folks sent me two dozen roses for Mother's Day. Unfortunately, the company they went with, Proflowers.com, did a very poor job, so only twenty were salvageable. After half an hour of attention yesterday and standing in the water/cut flower food mix overnight, the bouquet looks quite nice.
I am grateful for the flowers of course, and more that they arrived yesterday before I had gotten to ordering bouquets for my mom and mother-in-law! A Google search provided phone numbers for florists to both of them, so that is the route I went. I will have to tell you how that turns out. For my mom, I got a plant basket, since she likes live plants. She actually keeps African violets alive and blooming, which is beyond my abilities.
I now have an email specificly for use with this blog and a few webboards I'm a member of, sunbee19@gmail.com Eventually I suppose I will get around to putting up an email me link, but in the mean time, this will do.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Book Recomendation

Carved in Sand: When Attention Fails and Memory Fades in Midlife, by Cathryn Jakobson Ramin

You should all get and read, and then follow up on whatever little ghosties of your own she's covered.
My particular little ghost is Alzheimer's, which showed up from nowhere in my Grandmother's generation and hit ALL that generation. Why? It wasn't there the generation before. Are my mother and the rest of her generation going to get it? What about me and my cousins and second cousins, the extended clan? What about our children? I've now got information on some of the researchers in the field. Would you want a genetic test that would tell you if you are more or less likely to develop it? These scientists have one.

Although the memory effects of OTC and perscription drugs are also alarming, Alzheimer's is the monster hiding in the closet, the bogeyman.
The author also covers thyroid problems, insomnia, and a bunch of other causes of memory loss, which I can't remember right now, and various treatments.