A Little Ray of Sunshine

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Spring Fever

Everyone's sick, except my husband.
We finally got a PO Box, how cool is that? It's about the time that gardening cataloges ought to arrive, but no sign of them yet. Yesterday, I went to the Johnny's website and saw that they've had a delay in mailing. So I looked over their website. http://www.johnnyseeds.com/
I've been mostly looking at herbs. Lotsa stuff finds it too cold here. But I'd like to put in an herb garden eventually. Probably not this year, but hey, what better to do on a sunny January afternoon surrounded by snow than dream of future garden plots?
There are some very pretty herbs that are tolerant of zone 3 or are annuals. I could grow Calendula, bee balm, and coneflowers, just for starters. Many of the standard cooking herbs are going to be confined to pots, though. They're just too tender for our winters. My mint and oregano seem to be happy enough in the south window, though, so I'll hope that the others will as well. I looked at mullein, per Serena's recomendation, but it only tolerates through zone 4. So I'll just have to pick it wild when we visit my folks.
I haven't changed my address with any of the other cataloges, yet. I'd like to eventually get some dwarf trees suited to indoor life, maybe citrus (Meyer lemons, particularly), but not yet. I was very happy with the seeds I got from Johnny's last year, and my dad always has been, too.
I've still got a pot of peppers--cayennes--blooming away in the window, though I've had trouble getting the flowers fertilized, and a stuborn pot of tomatos that won't bloom. I guess I don't make such a good bee. I've got extra seeds from last year, so I won't need to order too many of the vegetables I'd like to try.
Oh, and I also signed up for the Ambleside Online mailing list today. That'll be interesting, for sure! http://amblesideonline.org/

Monday, January 15, 2007


So . . . we visited my folks over Christmas. Mom's minivan is still here from Thanksgiving. (If anyone wants to open a mechanic's shop, I know a town that could use a few more! The backlog on car repairs is rediculous.)
Hemi is potty trained, except for nights. Hummer can smile and grab stuff, and he has definate opinions about being held and so on.
We've found a church here, and yesterday morning we were all ready for church, loaded in the minivan, and it wouldn't start! Turns out our engine block heater isn't working. Now we have a problem, since that's how my husband's supposed to get to work., and the car won't start until afternoon. (The block heater was put in new in October.)
I don't know how cold it was last night, but at eight am it was -28 F. It's supposed to warm up through the week, so by Monday, when somebody can look at it, we might be able to get it into the shop.
And I just got to read almost a month's worth of blog posts over the last few days. This has something to do with my husband tinkering with the computer set-up again. The internet now routes through his computer: the one with the busted internal fans, thus requiring its sides off and a box fan running beside it for cooling. Somehow the temptation to surf the web just doesn't seem that great when faced with the annoyance of that box fan's racket.