A Little Ray of Sunshine

Friday, January 25, 2008

Food Storage, moving

Small children and food storage do not mix. The children's room is not a good place to store anything spillable. Like beans. Or wheat germ. Plus, curly hair and wheat germ is a really bad combination.

In other news, planting seeds in paperboard egg cartons leads to seedlings growing roots into the cartons, but the seedlings don't seem to mind.

I did something to my foot. I wish I knew what: I don't remember tripping over or stepping on anything. So I've been on line a lot the past week. Before that we were all sick. It's been a miserable last month.

Our landlord got a new job elsewhere. He's got to sell by June. Which means we have to live with the place being shown. The landlord's real estate agent has thus far not impressed me with her ability to get people to see the place.

My husband thinks this is a good time to move elsewhere. He's got job applications out. We're discussing matters: he'd like to get a credit card and go now. I'd like to see if he can get one of the jobs and save up and pay cash to move. We have varying willingness for risks. (I'm okay with moving before job, if none pans out, or borrowing to move if job is offered and we'll be able to pay it back quickly, but not both.) Actually, I think it's a reasonably good time to move, too. Better now than later into the economic downturn.

I'd really like to stay somewhere, you know? I'm not even that picky about where, just sick of moving constantly. I'd like to be sure that I can plant a garden and later harvest from it. I'd like to have a dozen chickens and some rabbits. I'd like to have a cow, but I'm not sure that'll happen anywhere, but it sure won't happen in a rental house.

I could've predicted this. We've moved when pregnant or immediately after having each of the kids. Better now, or in the second trimester, than waiting until I'm as big as a blimp again. So far this one has been the easiset. But it's still early days.

There's a lot to recommend the area we want to move to: like, we've lived very close to there before, it's warmer but not roasting hot, and more suitable for gardening. There's actually a growing season. Land's considerably cheaper: we could get a couple acres with a good sized house for half the price of a tiny house in town here. The fishing's great. It's further from my folks, so Mom's unhappy. It's closer to his, but his parents are all scared about the recession and think we shouldn't move now. (They watch too much tv, but I can't really blame them.) A most-likely more secure job there, versus a less secure job here. Some businesses can not function without a computer guy, being on top of the department is better than being on the bottom. Cost of living is much higher here. Pay would be about the same, maybe a little more there. (Depending on which job he gets.)

Guess we'll see what happens. We're not moving anywhere til he gets around to bringing home some boxes, anyway!

Monday, January 07, 2008


My mother just sent me the Cornered Cat website. www.corneredcat.com Mom doesn't much like concealed carry. Especially not the idea of her baby doing it. That's what the police are for.

Really, really weird. I guess maybe it's an effect of just getting DSL instead of 28K dialup? That could cause some side effects, right?