A Little Ray of Sunshine

Monday, January 15, 2007


So . . . we visited my folks over Christmas. Mom's minivan is still here from Thanksgiving. (If anyone wants to open a mechanic's shop, I know a town that could use a few more! The backlog on car repairs is rediculous.)
Hemi is potty trained, except for nights. Hummer can smile and grab stuff, and he has definate opinions about being held and so on.
We've found a church here, and yesterday morning we were all ready for church, loaded in the minivan, and it wouldn't start! Turns out our engine block heater isn't working. Now we have a problem, since that's how my husband's supposed to get to work., and the car won't start until afternoon. (The block heater was put in new in October.)
I don't know how cold it was last night, but at eight am it was -28 F. It's supposed to warm up through the week, so by Monday, when somebody can look at it, we might be able to get it into the shop.
And I just got to read almost a month's worth of blog posts over the last few days. This has something to do with my husband tinkering with the computer set-up again. The internet now routes through his computer: the one with the busted internal fans, thus requiring its sides off and a box fan running beside it for cooling. Somehow the temptation to surf the web just doesn't seem that great when faced with the annoyance of that box fan's racket.


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