A Little Ray of Sunshine

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

April 19

Today is the day I leave the radio off. I don't go to news sites on the web, either. Today, I don't care who's blowing what up, or starting revolutions, or what-have-you.

For today, it's enough that the sun is shining, there's a child sitting on my lap, and my husband remembered what today is. He coached the boys, too:
"Happy Birthday, Mommy!" Beau said.
"Happy Birffday to you." Hemi sang, coming in behind his brother.

My husband, being older than me, likes to tease me about how young I am. Today I could tell him that I'm now the same age as he was when we got married. He protested that he wasn't. I reminded him that his birthday falls the week after our wedding, so yes, indeed, I am.


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