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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I ought to know better by now.

So every time I say "I could never . . ." or "I'll never . . ." then something happens to make me reconsider it, or do just what I said I couldn't do.
Case in point: I mentioned to my mom, upon driving past one of the RV sites that the oilfield workers around here live in full-time, "I could never live in one of those with my three boys."
So my husband's buddy from college who's from out here, lets call him 'Pete', calls up yesterday with a proposition. Pete's in the process of putting together a Christian music festival here. I'll keep all y'all posted. But that's just the start of it: as far as Pete's long-term plans go. If he pulls it off, my husband will be helping him manage his band's electronics in oh, about a year and a half on a full-time touring basis. Now remember what I said before, about not being able to live in an RV with my boys?
Looks like I may well get to eat my words again! (Though, being stuborn, I'm planning to hold out for a bus conversion. They seem to be capable of taking a bigger beating, and my boys are good at passing out the beatings to the walls.)
But I like it here, I really do. And I was starting to make friends and everything. And . . . that's enough whining out of me. This would still be 'home base', anyway.
Hummer's into 18 month size clothing, for you parents out there. For the rest of you, that translates as break-your-back big for a six month old. He's still waking up complaining that he's absolutely starving to death a couple times every night, in spite of putting away a good amount of blended brown rice for dinner. Beau and Hemi are growing like weeds, too, Beau in 6s and Hemi in 4Ts.
We're living in the middle of a ground squirrel town. My dad warned me to watch out for symptoms of bubonic plague in them, evidently they are carriers. (Or their fleas are, he wasn't quite clear.) Eleven antelope came up to our back door the other day. I scared them away trying to sneak around the house to take pictures. There's a cottentail living under our shed. There are bald eagles all over the place: they do look funny when they're loosing their juvinile head plummage. There are robins and bluebirds and red-winged blackbirds and sparrows and everything around, I can hear them singing through the walls! We had a wind storm that makes me glad this is a rental: reroofng is someone else's problem. If they don't get on it soon, water damage is going to be their problem, too. This is the same wind storm of Res' hawk and cottentail story. We almost lost a window to it, as well as about a fourth of our shingles. It was scary, just the boys and I at home, and I wasn't sure how much more of it this little old mobile would take.
There is some little yellow flower (less than a milimeter across the bloom, the whole plant is less than two inches tall) that is just carpeting the ground out here. It tolerates snow just fine, doesn't mind frost. Seems to do fine with occasional foot trafic as well. I wonder if anyone is selling it as a ground cover, or if it is only happy with our harsh weather conditions? They aren't much to look at individually, but they make a green and yellow haze over the ground when seen through the window. Very springy.


  • At 1:00 PM, April 25, 2007, Anonymous Joelle said…

    I've had to be careful with saying what I'd "never" do, as I've had to eat words myself many times.

    That being said, I wouldn't want to live in an RV! If you do, I hope it turns out to be a fun adventure instead of torture.

    I'm glad you survived the storms. I hate being in a mobile when it's windy, they shake about so much.

  • At 4:58 PM, May 01, 2007, Blogger Arielle said…

    Other than being stuck in a mobile, it sounds wonderful! I'd love to see some actual spring weather - it's been years!


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