A Little Ray of Sunshine

Sunday, April 29, 2007

A wonderful day

It is lovely, sunny, but windy (okay, very windy) out today, but yesterday was absolutely beautiful, sunny without much wind at all. My parents came up for the weekend because today is Hemi's birthday. Three whole years old.
We celebrated yesterday since we had the whole day with my parents here. There are the remnants of a turkey (for some reason we always seem to have extra turkeys in the freezer) and a birthday cake in the kitchen. We went to the park, got a glider stuck on the roof of our house (not enough wind to blow it down yet, but we're sure it'll come down sooner or later) and I got sunburned on my arms. They left fairly early today so as to get home in plenty of time. It sounds like they have a bad berring in one of their minivan's wheels: I told my dad that he shouldn't travel with that minivan up here anymore, every time he does it breaks down! I hope they make it home safely. (It is a '90 Dodge, on its 2nd engine, and over 300K miles total. It's amazing the thing still runs. By comparason our troublemaking '95 Ford has only 139K miles and is also on it's second engine.)
I keep telling everyone that the hat isn't just a style thing, but even my parents have trouble believing that! (I suppose sunburns fade in memory or something.) My husband suggested long-sleeved shirts, and maybe I'll eventually give up and go that route. At least it wasn't a bad burn, and with lots of cocoa butter lotion and aloe it has mostly faded today.
My tomato in the window has finally set a fruit! I'm very pleased about it. It is drinking upwards of a galleon of water a day. My poor husband ended up buying a roll of wire and building a cage for it because it was too tall for the comercial cage and was falling out the top. So far it hasn't flopped over the top of the new cage, and if it does . . . well, I'd say he could add more wire, but if it gets that high it'll run into the ceiling and I don't know what we'll do then. He tolerates my plants very thoughtfully. It is a Pruden's Purple. I am not sure how often to fertilize it: the fertilizer bottle says every time you water, but it gets so much water compared to regular house plants that it would get an awful lot of fertilizer if I did that. I don't want to poisen it!
My lettuce is not doing too well. I'm afraid it is too dry as well. I need more water cans or something, I guess. I don't like to put water straight from the well onto the house plants because it is so cold.
Speaking of which, I think I need to go water some more plants.


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